The Circuits Project

The Circuits Project

Eric and Ray present The Circuits Project, the first band signed to our label.

The Circuits Project create an eclectic blend of synth textures to create cool chillout vibes using elements influenced by jazz, R&B, and electronica.

The band members met while studying astrophysics and electrical engineering at university. They discovered that each had similar interests in electronic music, computers, modular synthesizers, sound design, and advanced electronic circuit design and decided to start creating their own brand of music.

Now living globally across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, the band connects virtually to create new music using a variety of acoustic and electronic musical instruments, software plug-ins, virtual instruments, stomp boxes, coffee machines, and online data sharing tools.

The Circuits Project are:

  • Nigel Rainy - synths, guitars, sound design, and programming

  • Tommy "Ringo" Cree - drum programming, synth design, keyboards, bass

  • Sven Ericson - beats, sequences, special effects, mix engineering

  • Piff - the international man of mystery; circuit mangling, coffee, and special effects

New Music!

The cleverly titled Volume 2 is now available.

The Circuits guys have been busy in the studio. Another set of chill, eclectic electronica from The Circuits Project can now be streamed and downloaded from your favorite sites.

The Circuits Project - Videos