Music by
Eric Montgomery
and Ray Legnini

The versatile writing and production team of Eric Montgomery (keyboards) and Ray Legnini (guitars) have been friends since both musicians worked for a professional keyboard musical instrument manufacturer, and have been contributing to each other’s musical efforts ever since.


Their music is a collaborative effort in which each musician brings a unique set of skills to the table, allowing the group to compose, arrange, perform, record, produce, and mix their projects with impressive results.


Each musician plays off the other, pushing the boundaries of the other’s creativity. And in this case, as the old saying goes, the sum is definitely greater than the individual parts; sometimes 1+1=3.


As performers, the pair cover a wide range of instruments: keyboards such as piano, organ, and synths, the essential bass and drums, as well as a huge palette of electric and acoustic guitars and related stringed instruments such as baritone guitar, slide, ukulele, resonator, piccolo guitar, and lap steel. Special guest performers, such as the ever-mysterious “Skunk” on bass add to the creative mix and sonic options.

It’s a treat for your ears!

Our first release, One Voice